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tv   CBS This Morning Saturday  CBS  December 1, 2012 5:00am-7:00am PST

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a stalemate. can the president and congress come together to avoid economic disaster? after a week of angry protests against egypt's president for a power grab this morning in cairo a million man march in his defense. >> nasa scientists are excited over a mysterious discovery on mars. what has the curiosity recover found on the red planet. >> is this the only man who can unite our nation's capital? >> when it comes to a town like d.c. that's so political you have to be politically correct every chance you can get. so my politically correct answer is no comment a lot of times. >> nice work. that and a whole lot more on cbs "this morning saturday," saturday, december 1, 2012. december 1st. >> i know it's kind of shocking.
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>> we're already in december. welcome to the weekend. we're really excited here this morning. identify been looking forward to this literally for months. we have a legendary chef with's thomas keller one of the country's premier chefs and he'll share i had ultimate dish. we'll eat. we'll chat. i'm certain we're going to enjoy it and i hope you too. i literally have been looking forward to this for months. >> we got some great sounds. five guys from utah who call themselves the piano guys, already a huge hit on the internet. they had 185 million hits on youtube and they will play for us this morning. we begin this morning with the so-called fiscal cliff one from today unless washington gets its act together 90% of americans will see their taxes rise as a series of tax increase and spending cuts take effect. yet negotiations between the white house and congressional republicans are at a standstill. anna werner is in our washington bureau. good morning. >> reporter: good morning.
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unless congress comes to an agreement on the fiscal cliff it would mean a tax hike plus some $65 billion would be cut from the pentagon and other government agencies. both sides are hoping for a compromise. but so far all there's been is debate. >> i've been keeping my own naughty and nice list for washington. >> reporter: president obama took his fight to the public while visiting a toy company in pennsylvania where he warned republicans not to play scrooge. >> it's not acceptable to me and i don't think it's acceptable for you for a handful of republicans to hold middle class tax cuts held hostage. >> reporter: the white house proposal includes $4 trillion in deficit reduction, $400 billion in cuts to entitlement and $50 billion in infrastructure. john boehner said the proposal
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doesn't go far enough. >> there's a stalemate. let's not kid ourselves. >> reporter: congressman eric cantor agrees. >> that offer is not a serious offer. they are asking for $1.6 trillion in tax hikes and nowhere near that number in spending reform. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi says any delay in a compromise is harmful to consumers and the market. >> the country cannot afford nor should we even think in terms of stalemate. >> reporter: pelosi is pushing gop leaders for a vote to extend middle class tax cuts. the senate has approved the extension but republicans object and instead want all of the bush era tax cuts to be extended including those covering people making over $250,000 a year. anthony? >> anna werner. thanks. for more on the consequences of the fiscal cliff we're joined by robert greenstein the founder
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and president of budget priorities which analyzes proposed budgets and tax policies with particular emphasis on low-income american. he's in our washington bureau. good morning. >> good morning. >> to begin with you heard speaker boehner say we're at a stalemate. do you think a deal will get done here in time. >> i think a deal will definitely get done but i'm not sure it will be by january 1st. they may need to go into january and have the intense pressure for markets and others that puts on the policymakers to get a deal maybe the first, second or third week in january. now the only thing to say there is the adverse effects on the economy if we don't get a deal build and really take several months to take full effect. while we want a deal by january 1st if they get a deal pretty quickly then in january and make it retroactive to january 1st which i think they do then the economy is still okay. the big problem is if we go months with no deal.
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>> all the ceos i talk to say there's already an impact. there's uncertainty. they are not hiring. i heard from a number of retailers who say if we don't have a deal by december 14th this will not be a happy holiday for us. if things do go over the cliff, robert what happens and how significant is that going to be on the economy in the immediate term? >> well actually we probably are having a modest effect now and it's not like it suddenly becomes dramatic on january 1st. it just gradually gets bigger over time. and we really have two issues threatening the economy. the fiscal cliff on january 1st isn't the only one. about two months after that we hit the debt limit again. the debt limit is different. if the united states defaults on its obligations for the first time in the history of the republic, there's permanent serious damage to the u.s. dollar, to our currency to our place in the world my. this is why i know the
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president, his last offer urged that we resolve both the fiscal cliff and the debt limit at the same time. what we don't want to do is go the brink on the economy now and then threaten the economy again two months later. we have to deal with both problems together in the weeks ahead for the good of the economy. >> there's a cumulative psychological effect. if we don't deal with it quickly it builds. as you pointed out it's already starting? >> i think there's a modest effect so far. i don't think it's dramatic. it's incremental. the closer you get the bigger it gets and then it gets somewhat more serious after january 1st. the other side of the coin i wish this weren't so but to get movement, particularly on the republican side or on the tax cuts for very high end people which average, this is an average tax cut of 130,000 a year for people that make over a million a year in my view we can't afford that. to get that kind of movement we might actually need to go into
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early january, maybe the stock market fluctuates a bit, there's great concern if it's a big story in the media now it's an even bigger story. that could occur. i remember in '95 there was an impasse and the government shut down. newt gingrich and bill clinton the pressure was so intense there was a settlement in two to three weeks. if we go into january it will be less than two or three weeks. >> thanks so much for being with us this morning. speaking of consequences what might be the political consequences if washington fails to stay clear of the fiscal cliff. cbs news political director john dickerson is here with some thoughts on that. john, good morning. so all of this posturing, to what degree is this this is how the sausage gets made versus this is a legitimate stalemate? >> well it's kind of both at the same time. they are both posturing because both knows to get a deal they want to basically express the
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most extreme versions of their positions because they know they have to carve away at it they are speaking to boston their bases. on the other hand there's still a sticking point at the center of this. if you clear away everything and look at the tax rates the president says tax rates have to go up on the wealthy by some amount. republicans are saying no we won't have any vote to raise tax rates and that's an impasse -- we don't see how we get around that. >> the president is embolden by his alexandria victory. he's taking it out to folks out on the street. he's acting like he feels he has a mandate to ask for these tax increase. do you think that's going to work? >> he thinks he has a mandate and if we go over the cliff the republicans will be blamed. he thinks the pressure of that will get the republicans to buckle. the tax rates will go up the easy way or the hard way. will it work? we have to guess at the public opinion. right now public opinion is on the president's side but that's
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in the abstract. if we see economic effects that affect real people we don't know how that ball bounces. >> i wonder if going over the cliff gives some political cover for politicians to compromise down the road? >> it gives cover and pressure. cover is a give. with republicans all of a sudden taxes would go up on everyone so they would then be voting on tax cuts and that want does change some because in the republican party voting for tax increases is sort of a death blow. but after the fiscal cliff happens january 1st tax rates go up on everyone so the solution would be vote are for a serious of tax cause. >> i think what's disturbing here you're hearing the same tone creep back in the conversation that we heard before. do you think it's different this time? >> it's identical. i feel like i'm going through this horrible deja vu. this is the fifth time we've been through this. the posturing is the same. the claims of bad faith are the
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same. then on both sides you have liberals and conservatives, newt gingrich making the case this whole cliff thing was a creation of the other side. you have a group denying this central debate is really worth having right now. none of this feels we're inching towards a deal. >> looking backwards instead of forward. for waterlogged californians this is the calm between the storm. much of the state has been battered by two storms that brought torrential rains, mudslides and flash flooding and storm number three is on its way. carter evans has the latest. >> reporter: as the powerful winter storm moved across the west nevada residents stacked sand bags to protect their homes from the swollen river. >> they are calling to it be in flood stage by sunday. >> reporter: in california the storm knocked down trees in san francisco, sent waves crashing in san diego and flooded homes
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near sacramento. >> drains couldn't handle the amount of water. >> reporter: more rain is on the way. bad news for people with no place to go. >> how are you guys going? >> reporter: this sister is offering a shelter. they help about 1,000 people a day with rain gear and dry clothes. >> we're caught in an emergency situation. the rivers are high. they are flooding. many of our homeless guests are camped out. >> reporter: the organization provides some shelter during the day but the gates close before dark. that could mean another rainy night in the car. >> when you're in the car and the windows are fogging up and you look out at the rain -- >> wishing i had an apartment. especially for my baby. >> reporter: they will have to hang on a little longer. the storm is expected to dump up to six more inches of rain across the state by monday morning. for cbs "this morning saturday" carter evans, sacramento. earlier this year gasoline
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reached its highest price ever in this country and the shortages in the northeast brought on by superstorm sandy made matters far worse. prices are now getting better but heating your home will be a far different story. here to break it down is chief oil analyst for the oil price information service and it's great to have you with us. what's driving oil down? >> mostly the fact that refineries are back and running and price of north american crude is much cheaper than the rest of the world right now. we'll be the beneficiaries of that for a while. and we're not using as much gasoline this time of year. as you go into the winter demand sinks. we'll be about 1% or 2% behind last year. >> tom, we saw enormous disruptions in the northeast for a period of a couple of weeks at least. are things starting to get back to normal >> yeah. they are getting back normal. there's a change. the northeast will be more expensive than other parts of
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the country. we're seeing less than $3 in the lower midwest and the southeast, but generally there's plenty of profits to be made. refiners are running hard and lots of crude. we never had more crude at this time of year than we have right now. >> huge amounts of crude. but heating oil is expected to climb as temperatures get colder. >> yeah. there's good news for gasoline in the next 60 days but bad news for heating oil. heating oil prices are probably about $4 at retail. may go higher. could spike to $5. we got the lowest inventories in 50 years because this is the monthlecule that's attractive that middle molecule heating oil and diesel. >> something international coming out of the supply. >> if you look at it gross product in the last ten years has been diesel or heating oil. diesel is a u.s. think. >> diesel prices are creeping
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up. if you don't use diesel will it affect you. it will. everything you buy gets moved by diesel. it can go significantly higher and infiltrate inflation. now a missouri family who is not concerned about inflation. mark and cindy hill held one of the two winning tickets in this weeks powerball jackpot. they and as of outan unidentified ticket holder in arizona are splitting the prize. dean reynolds has their story. >> reporter: $136.5 million gives new meaning to the words lump sum and that's how the hill family of dearborn missouri will collect their record winnings after taxes. cindy hill bought the winning ticket on wednesday and then left the precious paper in her car overnight.
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>> people keep asking us what will you buy. i haven't even thought about that. i just want to go home and just be back to normal. >> reporter: at a news conference she spoke of a family vacation donations to charity, a pony for her 6-year-old daughter and maybe a red camero for her husband mark. >> have you worked your last day at your job? >> yes. >> reporter: 28-year-old son jason described getting the news. >> my dad called me about 8:30 in the morning and it was almost noon before i moved again. i sat there in disbelief. >> reporter: 30-year-old cody was told to keep it to himself. >> i go to work and everybody is talking about it. somebody from here won. i go you don't say. wow. i bet those people are pretty happy right now. >> reporter: the hills do not intend to move. in fact they do not intend to change. as cindy hill put it we're just
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normal human beings. we're as common as anybody. we just have a little bit more money. for cbs "this morning saturday" dean reynolds chicago. you don't say. sweet story. now we want to turn to egypt and the latest chapter in that country's year long struggle for democracy. there have been days of angry street protests against islamist president mohamed morsi's attempt to seize almost total power. but today the muslim brotherhood the movement that supports morsi is responding by summoning what they describe as a million man march in cairo and holly williams is there. holly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. well thousands of president morsi's supporters have taken to the streets today. but it follows days of protests by his opponents who accuse the president of behaving like a dictator. on tahrir square in cairo yesterday tens of thousands of
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protesters converged again. their outrage is directed at president mohamed morsi and his islamist allies who dominant the panel who wrote the draft of egypt's new constitution. it can be put to a referendum before the end the year. the draft constitution gives islamic sharia law a bigger role and empowers the state to protect morals and values but there are few details on what that means. and a clause that specifically guarantees equality for women were removed. this is a blogger who believes the draft constitution could be used to violate her rights. >> you have no right to tell me,000 live my life. 000 dress, how to cook. this is what they did in the constitution. >> reporter: on tahrir square egyptians from many walks of life agree with her.
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this is an ultraconservative muslim. he told us that if egyptians want democracy the constitution should represent all segments of society not just the islamists. egypt's revolution of two years ago was supposed to mark the birth of a new democracy, but some here now fear that one group of egyptians is trying to impose their own views on everyone else. >> i wonder to what degree -- >> president morsi is making a political gamble. he's betting the majority of egyptians will vote for this constitution and if he's right he will tighten his grip on power. but if president morsi is wrong, if egyptians reject this constitution then they are rejecting the president's islamist vision for egypt. >> holly, how likely is it that this draft document actually becomes the constitution?
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>> reporter: well we may month in 15 days when it's put to a referendum. it's worth bearing in mind when he won the presidential election mr. morsi did so with a majority of less than 52%. >> does it took like there's any end to this standoff in sight? >> reporter: well opponents say they will keep protesting until he rescinds the extra powers he gave himself last week and some i was speaking to yesterday said they would do anything they could to disrupt this referendum that's coming up before the end of the year. >> holly williams in cairo. thank you. heavy fighting is reported this morning between syrian rebels and government forces near airport in damascus the capital. syrian jets also bombed rebel held position in damascus. the airport is open but international flights are being diverted. for the second consecutive day
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most internet and telephone service is down throughout syria. both sides blame each other for the outage 20 lebanese fighting with the rebels were killed inside syria on friday raising concerns about a widening conflict. >> the fbi on friday said they arrested two brothers in south florida and charged them with a plot to detonate a weapon of mass destruction in the united states. the two men arrested are u.s. citizens. the plot began in july of 2011 and law enforcement is actively pursuing leads that could lead to further arrests. >> meet the latest addition to the oregon zoo in portland. the 300 pound calf was born on friday. the zoo officials are asking the public for names. zoo officials both mother and baby girl are doing just fine. and it's about 21 after the hour. time for lonnie and our first check of the weather. >> that was all covered in the
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saw dust. how about dusty. i like dusty. i like the picture i'm seeing across the country because there's only three areas with disturbed weather. a lot of nice weather out there. we heard from carter evans what's taking place out west. this is a huge storm. what you didn't hear is there's potential for this storm to set a single event snowfall record. the possibility over four days that this system around mount shasta can put down 218 inches. over 18 feet of snow. it would be a worldwide record in four days. elsewhere while you zoom into the mid-section of the country, a nuisance rain that's falling out there. not anything severe but a little bit of snow around northern minnesota. mostly rain tenth of an inch to half of an inch towards chicago. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a look at your weather for the weekend.
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happy saturday everybody. over to you. >> coming up our conversation with pastor rick warren ten years after publishing his mega best certainly "the purpose driven life." >> important tips on how to keep your holiday spending budget under control. you're watching cbs "this morning saturday."
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we've been talking about the skofl this morning. everybody knows the meanest game in washington, d.c. is politics so it takes a tough, smart, capable guy to bring red, white and blue together. he's 22-year-old robert griffin 3rd quarterback of the washington redskins and the only thing both sides of the aisle
5:25 am
can agree on how popular so. >> he's very politically correct. he is asked political questions and he gives politically correct answers. he's such a winner. >> we'll meet him later in the show. >> we'll be right back. this i
5:26 am
. so everybody was excited about powerball this week, the mega millions. what was the tally on that? >> 588. >> we all were watching it very carefully and closely, obviously. >> did you get a ticket? >> this is one of those times write like to go out, when it gets to a certain level i like to get one.
5:27 am
i didn't get one. gayle king who is a gem and she co-hosts the weekday cbs "this morning," she got everybody on the staff a ticket. she's been out of town but she got everybody on staff a ticket. >> is she supposed to get a cut if somebody wins. >> she's so generous i'm giving you this you don't owe me anything if you win. >> i want a cut. >> you hand them out and i'm giving you this and i'm getting a cut. >> i think there's people who play every single week. then people like you who come out only when it's a record breaking total. and people like myself who never play. >> you never played. >> think i bought maybe one in my life. what's interesting, the workplace environment where somebody says you want to get in the pool? i'm always like -- well what if they to win and i happen to say no. >> right. my problem is when i play and i buy two tickets a year. then the numbers come up in a get none of the numbers. i had six numbers i couldn't get
5:28 am
one. not one. that's when you start to realize how hard it is. >> it's very difficult. it's interesting because the statistics overall are the same no matter when you're playing it. however, whether you share the pot or not changes when it's a bigger pot because then more people play and the chances go up that you'll win but have to share with someone else. if you win. >> i'm not going win. >> you're still trying to get a number. >> just want one number. >> give him a number.
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♪ just about everybody knows what a great basketball player lebron james is and it's no secret why they call him king james. >> now meet prince james with dad handling the video camera 8-year-old lebron james jr. sank
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a long shot from a balcony. his proud papa posted the video online saying it must be in the genes. >> welcome to cbs "this morning saturday." i'm rebecca jarvis. >> i'm anthony mason. >> in a city pull of people called themselves leaders, robert griffin iii looks like the real deal. in his rookie season as quarterback with the washington redskins he's already the team captain. his jersey is the nfl's top seller and he's even mentioned as a possible mvp. but his biggest achievement may be inside the halls of congress as cbs news national correspondent chip reid reports. >> reporter: with washington so sharply divided along party lines -- >> democrats have yet to get serious about real spending cuts. >> reporter: and with tempers flaring over a fiscal cliff that threatens to send the country back into recession. >> i don't understand his brain so you should ask him. >> reporter: you might wonder is
5:31 am
there anything in this town that can bring republicans and democrats together? >> for robert griffin iii -- >> reporter: the answer is yes. washington redskins 22-year-old rookie quarterback, robert griffin iii or as he's gone rg3. washington, of course is all about politics and it takes a lot to get people to turn their attention to something or anything else. but at the age of 22 robert griffin iii is doing just that. he was born in okinawa and his mother and father were sergeants in the army. he graduated from baylor in three years. on the field he can beat opponents through the air and on the ground. this week we learn he's equally good at dodging and charming the beltway media. >> i don't get involved in politics because there's a few things you don't talk about. >> the guy was a political science major. knees about politics. he's clever.
5:32 am
he's smart. >> reporter: sally quinn writes about washington's elite. quinn's family plans their fall weekends around redskins games. >> it's what people talk about at dinner parties, it's what people talk about in the office. and it united washington in a way that i have never seen before. >> reporter: this week on capitol hill with fierce negotiations taking place over the fiscal cliff we spoke to congressional leaders. >> rg3 a big fan >> big fan. >> reporter: kris van hollen represents maryland's 8th district. >> i think congress would love to trade our approval ratings for his and the reason is he's able to bring people together. congress as the clock winds down we're in the fourth quarter as we approach the fiscal cliff. if we can deliver like rg3 delivers we'll be doing well. >> do you see him somebody as you a neither? >> absolutely. this guy sim oppressive.
5:33 am
>> reporter: former republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan usually doesn't stop for hallway interviews but he made an exception to praise rg3 even though a congressman from wisconsin has to put the packers first. >> i like to think more that green bay is america's team. we can think the same way. look rg3 it's great to see a young guy come out and be successful. >> reporter: even the majority leader is inspired by rg3. >> he offers bipartisan hope. we hope the redskins have a successful season. >> it's probably like covering bruce springsteen. >> reporter: sports writer is writing a series on robert griffin iii for "the washington post." >> this town obama or rg3 who is the bigger figure in town? who owns this town? it's really one or the other. you flip a wine. >> great young man and a heck of a lot of fun to watch and i wish him all the luck in the world
5:34 am
except when he plays the bears. >> reporter: rg3 may only be in his first campaign or season in washington, but he sounds like a seasoned politician with a big future on and off the field. >> when it comes to a town like d.c. that's so political you got to make sure you try to be politically correct every chance you get so my political correct answer is no comment a lot of times. >> reporter: for cbs "this morning saturday" chip reid washington. now if we can just get him in a conference room on capitol hill to bang some heads together. >> absolutely. those congressmen loved those interviews because they could come together and look great on one subject rg3. >> lonnie has the latest check of the weather. >> good morning. well take a check of the l. what we see, first things first. east to west. system in the northeast but a little system. it's supplying more cloud cover than anything else. next system midwest, rain out of
5:35 am
this from chicago to detroit. a little bit. tenth to half an inch. this is not a little system. out west we have a beast of a storm. now it is raining for the lower elevations from seattle to eureka. now winter alerts out there. talking a lot of snow. combine that snow with big winds at times blowing in the higher passes up to 70 miles per hour or more there will be blizzard warnings that will be issued later on today. that's a quick look at the national picture. here's a closer look at your weather for the weekend. have a great day. >> up next pastor rick warren's
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♪ pastor rick warren has been called a new breed of evangelical leaders. his book "the purpose driven
5:40 am
life" has sold more than 40 million copies. the book that addresses life's most significant questions, why am i here and what is my purpose has been around now for ten years and we're excited to have rick warren in studio 57. great to have you with us. >> good morning. >> 40 million copies. more than 40 million copies. what's the secret to the book's success. >> it's fundamental question. we have the question of existence why am i here. the question of intention. does my life have a purpose. and the question of significance does my life matter. it doesn't matter what the economy is good or bad, everybody is asking that. and they are asking it all around the world. you know i wrote the book ten years ago and now gallup poll says 60 million people read it in america. so two out of every ten people. i've been concerned about the next generation the people in their 20s. they got out of college and they have been waiting two, three, four years to get a job.
5:41 am
and it's pretty depressing. so i just thought we need to reissue this in a new version with new material and things like this for the next generation. and so in the 2013 we're going to do a thing called "what on earth i'm here for" a nationwide campaign. >> for washington, d.c. perhaps? >> exactly. >> that raises a question. we've been through a presidential election. a divisive presidential election yet again. from where you sit how do we heal this country in effect bring it together do you think? >> that's a phenomenally great question because no matter who gets elected every four years half the nation is depressed. there are divisions that are real and that are deep. but as a pastor i believe in the good news which is what the bible teaches but i believe in the common good. in other words, people of goodwill have to come together and work on issues where we can agree. and disagree and stuff without being disagreeable. >> how do you do that?
5:42 am
we talk about it all the time and washington doesn't seem to be able to practice it. >> you got to put ego away. it takes a good amount of humility and you have to put the greater good ahead of your joend. in america nobody gets their way all time. okay. because we have different constituencies. okay you won that one. >> what about the real and deep issues that you talk about where people are opposed ideologically opposed. should people be compromising on those issues? >> well we must respect each other without giving up our convictions. tolerance used to mean i respect you and i treat you with dignity even if i totally disagree with you because you're a human being, made in god's image so i treat you with respect even though we disagree. today people think tolerance
5:43 am
means you must agree with me or you're intolerant. people say if you don't agree with me you don't love me you don't respect me your hate me or afraid of me. nonsense. you'll never find anybody who agrees with you completely. i love my wife. she totally disagrees with me on a lot of stuff. >> up and your wife and congregation were part of a big challenge, 260,000 pounds. >> huge number. >> we did. it was pretty funny. about a year ago i was doing a baptism and we do at any time old-fashioned way. we put people under water. i had 862 people to baptize. that's a lot of weight. about number 500, it wasn't a spiritual thought, man we're all fat. but i'm fat. i'm a terrible example because i've always had enormous amount
5:44 am
of energy. i didn't take care of my body. the following sunday i said guys i need to repent. i said i have been your pastor -- i only gained two or three pounds a year but i've been your pastor 32 years so i need to lose like 90 pounds. i lost 50 i need to lose another 40. i said does anybody want to join me. 12,000 members signed up. so i went out and i got three different doctors, good friends of mine. one is jewish one muslim, one christian. i had them help me put together a program and we lost 260,000 pounds this last year and we'll do round two in 2013. >> what's the hardest thing to cut out of your diet. >> pasta. they don't call me pasta rick warren for nothing. >> thanks so much for being with us. >> thank you. up next in case you haven't
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noticed the holiday shopping season is upon us and sadly it could cost you. >> it's okay. you don't have to get me anything return. >> of course you do. that's the custom. i have to go out to purchase a gift for you representing the same perceived level of friendship represented by the gift you gave to me. no wonder suicide rates skyrocket this time the year. >> some advice for handling holiday shopping. this is cbs "this morning saturday." that's why i made the clear choice and got claritin-d. it has the best decongestant for colds. this cold season, get claritin-d at the pharmacy counter. live claritin clear.
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♪ it's just a fact of life for most americans the holiday season spends meaning more money. it doesn't sit well with a lot of folks. the holidays are so stressful and puts such strain on finances that 45% of americans say they just as soon skip christmas this year. there are ways to limit that stress and strain and here with a formula for reining in that holiday budget is founder and ceo of learn
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good morning. tell me about this formula. >> one of the things we love when we talk to people about their money is the 50-20-30 rule. whatever money you take home 50% or less should go to your room and board. 20% pay for the future. 30% is lifestyle decisions. >> how much should you expect to pay for each person on your list? >> we like to have you think of about 5% 20% of your take home pay can go towards the holidays. if you don't have an emergency savings account of about six months of what it costs you. stay closer to the 5% 120%. if you're in better financial health think 20%. >> most people will spend $750 on christmas. that seems high. >> that's absolutely high. one of the thing we know most people almost half the country is still carrying some sort of
5:50 am
debt from last holiday period and that's $750 is about $430 for family about 75 for friends and about $25 for co-workers and pets. a lot of money to be spending. >> you're saying people should bring that number down? >> yeah. that's how i would like to think about it. the big thing is if you're spending $750 that 20%, that would mean you need to make more than $5,000 in cash every single month. a lot of people are overspending. >> what if somebody doesn't have that money saved and typically people don't. should they put it on their credit cards. >> the way i want people to go about spending noirlds, cash is smart. only spend what you have. we love credit cards. if you're responsible they can give you points back cash back and even some sort of insurance. we like things if you can be smart about it zero percent apr, get a credit card or you have that window. be aware those rates can jump back up.
5:51 am
layaway is a good option. there's no charges unless you don't get the product. >> you're seeing it more and more. snowboard careful because if you don't get the present they can charge you fees. >> now if someone -- if you're having trouble this year how do you get ready for next year. >> so start saving early. i always think about the holidays starting in may, i start putting money aside so i know i have it. finally sit down and make a list. what do you need to buy and carry that list with you. if you get started early in the summer you can get some of those great winter presents that's on clearance and that's the best key is get started early. >> look for the bargains all year long. >> thanks so much for being with us. coming up next what could make a kid this happy? he looks pretty happy. we'll tell you about the mysterious package that arrived on his door step the other day. you're watching cbs "this morning saturday."
5:52 am
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5:55 am
mm. refreshing. here's a really sweet story. a massachusetts boy named james had his heart set on getting a lego emerald night train kit. he saved for it for two years just to bit and this year james finally had the hundred dollars he needed yebs eded except the set had been discontinued. >> he wrote to leg jobs first all he go was an apology. then last month a package with a second letter arrived. you ever see a 10-year-old boy jump for joy. watch this. >> yes. yes. i finally have it. >> there's more mornings like that in the jarvis household.
5:56 am
>> what every parent wants to see. >> do you remember what makes you jump for joy? >> well, you know i got a train set made me jump for joy. up next -- >> for generations our curiosity has been enormous when it comes to alien. nasa reports it's recover curiosity has made a discovery on mars. ♪ aliens. >> is that your fighter? >> it was one of my favorite movies as a child. i lot of "e. t." and i thought aliens were real. >> you sort of want to believe. you look upset. >> how can we think we're the
5:57 am
only ones out there? >> because nobody has visited yet. >> i know. >> they visited me in my sleep. i've been replaced. >> my favorite ufo movie, did you see carl sagan's "contact." so well thought how it could possibly take place. what i don't like whenever you watch them they make the aliens look like lizards. >> what do you think they look like? >> i don't know. they could very well -- >> do you think they look like you, possibly? >> i probably prefer the lizards. who knows. it could be sort of like like balls of light or something. who knows. >> there was a film, a very small film called another earth which said the last second earth where there was a double of all of us. it's very interesting idea. and at one point the star of it comes face to face with herself.
5:58 am
really spooky. >> sounds like it. >> the alien you. >> love the whole topic. what do you think they will make with this announcement for curiosity. >> little green men. >> they found a substantial amount of water. >> water, methane. it will be very interesting to hear if they can say whether there's life on mars. >> imagine if they found a single cell or beganganism. >> it would be
5:59 am
♪ what doesn't kill you makes you stronger ♪ ♪ welcome to cbs "this morning saturday." i'm anthony mason. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. coming up in this half hour a mystery on the la met mars.
6:00 am
nasa says its latest recover has made an important discovery and our guest has some ideas what that could be. >> a cop bis boots for a barefoot man. what inspires us to do kind things for total strangers while others walk away. >> he may be a meat head but a son-in-law who gets along with his wife's folks may be the key to keeping his own marriage happy. turn the volume up on this one. >> but first our top stories this half hour today is world aids day. the white house is observing the occasion by hoisting a giant red ribbon. in india students took to the streets holding up a banner with the theme getting to zero. there was a martin philippines calling on the government to increase funding for aids health and social services. the u.n. estimates 34 million people live with hiv and says an end to the epidemic is in sight. >> several hundred people in new jersey remain out of their hopes after an 76 car freight train
6:01 am
derailed sending hazardous gas taryn. dozens of people were sickened from the fumes. four tank cars plunged partially into a creek. initial investigation suggests the bridge the train was crossing at the time was out of alignment. ford is recalling about 90,000 cars and suvs for a potential fire risk. the recall involves its top selling escape suvs and fusion designs from the 2013 model year, ford says the engines can overheat and cause a fire. it's the fourth recall in as many months for the escape. there were no reported injuries. david beckham will play his final major league soccer game today when his team plays for the title against the houstonounuston dynamo. he may play in europe or buy a soccer team. what's definite beckham says is that he will not be a coach. >> when a harness race near tirg
6:02 am
took an odd turn the track announcer didn't miss a beat. >> as they race down the back side bambi has the lead. >> deer was watching the race and decided to join. they left after a short time. the track announcer said dambi won by a nose. no word on the size of the pay out. >> it's about three minutes after the hour. time for another check of the weather with lonnie quinn. >> you wonder how many bucks people bet on that. here's what i see in the weather picture. we have a big storm that's out west right now and we're talk a lot of snow in the higher elevations, type of snowfall totals you measure in feet tens of feet. over four days they can pick up 18 feet of snow is a record. elsewhere, a little system in the northeast. let's zoom in tight. right on top of new york city we have a warm front that is draped across the city and consequently
6:03 am
warm fronts do what they do they pull in warm air. this front will be pushing to the north. take a city like poughkeepsie today you max out at 39 degrees. tomorrow you max out at 55. come tuesday you'll be closer to 60 degrees. that's a quick look at the national picture. here now is a close are look at your weather for the weekend. this national weather report sponsored by macy's. all right. over to you guys. thanks. mars has fascinated earthlings. speculation about life on mars has been the subject of many
6:04 am
books, movies tv shows and, of course, or son wells fay mow 1938 radio broadcast, "war of the worlds." >> ladies and gentlemen i have a grave announcement to make. incredible as it may seem both the observation of science and our eyes lead to the inescapable assumptions those strange beings who landed in the new jersey farmland are an invading army from the planet of mars. >> what your waiting for me to say. take me to your leader? >> who your? >> i'm from mars. [ screaming ] >> i need to get going and have the toy shop operating full blast so i can return to earth for christmas. >> santa claus you will never return to earth. now you belong to mars.
6:05 am
>> ho, ho, ho. >> oh, dear. well now nasa has stirred up some new excitement. on monday the space agency will go public with something the recover curiosity has advertise covered on mars. little green men perhaps? we asked our science editor for "time" magazine who has the inside scoop. what do we think this will be. >> i hate to be the skunk at the picnic -- >> no green men? >> this has been overhyped. it all stemmed from one bit of phrasing from one nasa scientist who said this finding is one for the history books. but, remember, what belongs in history books when you're a very technical nasa researcher is different from what you and i think. >> not insignificant? >> not insignificant. . >> what are we talking about? >> my suspicion is but nobody will know until monday noon east coast time, some traces of methane which are by products of
6:06 am
metabolism. so there could be martian bacteria that's producing this as a by product but could be geological methane. >> if martians were producing it, would that mean if they found it there must be life presently or does that mean there was life at one point in time. >> that's an excellent question. if the methane is still there it would mean it was being generated and in fact there is traces of methane on mars that are being generated in some ways. but perhaps geologically. mars may well have had past life even if it's not current life. >> the planet is a cold desert. >> that's right. >> what do we know about the atmosphere. >> the atmosphere is 1% of the density of earth and 95% carbon dioxide. it's not friendly for us. about 3 billion years ago mars
6:07 am
is thought have a much denser err err atmosphere and hit a billion years where it could have begun to cook up life and then went cold and dry. >> what will they do with this information ultimately? >> one thing that's important is that one of the reasons we go to places like mars isn't so we can that there are spinoffs we get smarter and that has a value that you can't necessarily put a price tag on. but it will tell us much more about our own evolution. tell us about the prospects of life either on mars or elsewhere in the solar system in the deeper galaxy. i happen to be one of the people that believes life is relatively easy with the right kpem industry, with the right energy source and right amount of time you can cook it up. >> you talked about how inhospitable the planet is for
6:08 am
us. how realistically are we from sending a man to mars. >> as far away we choose or need to be. we went from a standing start in 1961 until the surface of the moon in eight years and we have all the technology we didn't have then. if we chose to be on mars and make the financial and political commitment to go we could be there in less than ten years. as it stands now 20 30 who knows until we simply make the choice to go. >> what would it cost to do that? >> it really depends. had the numbers were first crunched back in the george h.w. bush era it was put at half a trillion dollars. that's a deal breaker. but nasa's budgeted it at about $15, $16 billion a year. i don't think you have to increase that budget by more than 30% or 40% to get something truly moving. spacex says he can get people to mars in 15 years for half a million dollars a seat.
6:09 am
i haven't seen his math -- >> sign us up. >> thanks so much for being with us this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> a picture that captured america's heart. a nenew yorkrk city y policece officicer gigiving b boots t to a barefefoot hohomelessss maman. we'll l take a looook intnto whyhy somee peopople doo ranandom actct inclined to walkway. you're watching cbs "this morning saturday."
6:10 am
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6:12 am
for you. call 1-855-999-1399 or visit ♪ what is it that makes one person stop to help someone in
6:13 am
need while another just simply walks by? this week a new york city police officer was caught on camera in a random act of kindness and he captured our hearts as well as those of thousands of others around the world. >> went up to him and i said buddy where's your socks, where's your shoes pep said it's okay, offer i never had a pair of shoes. it took me back. >> call it the good samaritan gene that special quality that made new york police officer larry deprimo stop and buy a pair of boots for a homeless man earlier this month. >> the inspiration was my grandfather. he told me when i much younger if you do something do it 100%. >> is the same virtue that this canadian bus driver explained when he visited us in september which compelled him to help a stranger in need. >> i seen the gentleman walking across the street and in his bare feet and you could tell you know being two days that he was sore.
6:14 am
so i just asked the guy i said where's your shoes. he said i don't have any. i said if i give you a pair of shoes will you keep them. he said so i gave them mine. >> two random acts of kindness that perhaps in a different time go unnoticed every day but with the help of cell phone cameras we're more aware of these good samaritans who seem to carry altruism in their dna. >> it's a humbling experience. >> so why is it that some people are more prone to generosity? is altruism an innate quality or something that can be thought? great to have you with us. >> is there something that's innate in people? >> compassion is something that's innate in people. we're born with a certain level of compassion that drives us to being altruistic.
6:15 am
some people are more that way because of how they are raised and others aren't. when we see these things it's wonderful. >> this police officer said he didn't realize anybody was watching this. does this make it a test of character. >> i do think this is who we are. the idea of altruism is doing it with no regard who sees. it's in our character. many people will walk by and might be altruistic in other ways. he intentionally stopped and did something. >> it's sweet story. it's stopping a lot of people in their tracks make being them rethink how do i behave and how can i instill this in my kids. what's your advice. >> this is something we can teach our kids. it's moral values. help others. go out of your way especially now with the holidays. following the hurricane. whenever there's a tragedy it's a perfect opportunity to teach your kids how can you help someone else even in a small way to make them feel better. it does come back to you.
6:16 am
>> "60 minutes" did a piece that basically said infants as young as 3-month-old could tell right from wrong. do you think that's right? >> i think there's an element of us knowing innately what's right or wrong. we have to go with kids. the problem is in the environment lulls them more. there's the beginning part and environment. nature and nurture working together. >> reinforcement of the values. >> absolutely. >> on the nurturing side of the argument, is there a negative enforcing nurture on this. could somebody be taught not to be benevolent and what kind of characteristics as a parent could you display to teach your kid that? >> we're all selfish in some way. we all kind of say orchestrate that person might not need you want i need it more. we might hold on to thing. we might not give of our time or ourselves. maybe we're too busy. we're not taking time to teach children in our lives how to help others. so parents should say what can i
6:17 am
do that's kind how can i show my children. >> all of this publicity is an education for kids in itself. >> absolutely. so easy to show we use social media in these ways to show children what they can do, how they can reach out and be helpful and not do it for the fame. >> everybody sees well look what happens if i do a nice gesture. >> do it because it's meaningful to you not meaningful to the world. >> dr. jennifer kindness abounds. >> kindness all around. >> up next -- >> if you married my daughter would you support her in the way she deserves to be supported? >> yes. >> gay lrd fauker will you be my son-in-law? >> i love that. a new study suggests the key to a lasting marriage is the son-in-law. we'll tell you why. you're watching cbs "this morning saturday."
6:18 am
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6:21 am
mr. and mrs. bunker it's a boy. >> thank you very much doctor. >> you're welcome. [ laughter ] >> what the hell. [ laughter ] >> archie and the meat head weren't always buddy, buddy. they kept it in the family. a university of michigan researcher reports when a son-in-law is close to his wife's parents the couple is 20% less likely to divorce. why is that? let's ask two relationship experts. good morning to you both. >> good morning. >> what do you think of this study? >> think it's real interesting if a guy has a good relationship there's a high chance of success. i know i have a great relationship with my in-laws. but it's pretty casual watch a
6:22 am
game, have a meal. i enjoy the surrogate parents aspect. if a woman has a strong relationship with her in-laws there's a higher chance of divorce. that to me -- >> that was shocking. >> big surprise. >> why is that? >> we're speculating at this point but i think what happens is a lot of women over share. so what they do is instead of taking their issues in the relationship to their husband and creating the intimacy they will go to their in-laws and that want creates friction because you don't want to get between a child and their parent. >> a guy can definitely feel ganged up on when his wife and mother-in-law sort of form a coalition together or his wife and his mother form a coalition. >> do you think husbands and wives are looking for different things or different kinds of relationships from their in-laws? >> i think very often a wife is looking for a very close relationship with her mother-in-law and let's remember, not all in-laws also agreed about the marriage in the
6:23 am
first place or loved this idea of the marriage. we're all looking for approval from our in-laws. once you get that approval or you open that door relationships boundaries can get blurred and it's very easy for a mother-in-law to kind of crash through those boundaries. >> i loved the study how they said it was the initial -- this is a 25 year study which is incredible. initially if my husband made friends with my mother and father it worked. so it could have been that first moment where they shared a football game or -- let's face it men and women bond very differently. men love to bond over activity women emotionally. that's where the boundaries can get crossed and sometimes unhealthy boundaries. >> but it seems it's possible as a woman to have a great relationship with your in-laws and not cross that line not become a let's gang up on my husband thing. >> absolutely. the main thing is that couples, once they are together you really need to defend the
6:24 am
marriage. i mean i meet so many relationships in which they are not a team and mom comes over the mother-in-law comes over and all of a sudden he's acting like a little boy. being able to defend the relationship is imperative. >> also set the boundaryies. if your mother or father-in-law steps in and says something that upsets you let it be. so many of us take it so personally what our in-laws say. there's got to be a place where you go i can listen i can hear what they have to say and move on. >> you say set realistic expectations. >> exactly. look, it's the women that are the ones that are caught having the high rate of divorce because of this. women are usually more involved in the raising of the children. i comes from raising the children. >> and present a united front. be open to negotiation. overnight over mc. find balance. those are your words of wisdom. >> that's it.
6:25 am
if you over communicate you're taking the communication into the wrong place. you want your communication between your husband and wife. you don't want it between the husband and wife and an inlaw. that's where the trouble starts and builds. >> what should you not talk about with your in-laws? >> i would really not get into talk about child rearing. i would not get into extended discussions about money. i would not get into discussions about living in the city versus the suburbs, wherever there's likely to be this clash of values. let's talk about football let's talk about christmas lights let's talk about what kids want for presents. >> how about advice for the in-laws? >> that's a whole other segment. know when you overstepped your boundary. that's it. really know that. sometimes just keeping your mouth shut is a good idea. let them work it out. let them be the ones to figure out how this marriage will work. >> thank you both for being
6:26 am
here. >> thank you. >> coming up -- we have the pi anno guys right here live in the studio. they are an internet sensation and they are here to play for us in our second cup cafe. you're watching cbs "this morning saturday." >> this is great.
6:27 am
go upstairs wake up your wife and say you got to talk to them. >> what happened in the mason household? >> i tried to keep the smoke from coming out of my ears because i'm the son of a decorator. you don't mess around in my house. >> another piece of advice. you go to their house and rearrange their furniture. >> that's an unhealthy boundary. >> fortunately they are not seeing this where they live. this part of the show. in the end i walked away. thank you very much. >> did you think that was the best -- >> yeah because if i said what i was going say -- >> i love my relationship with my in-laws and it's great because my wife is from brazil. they don't speak a lot of english. we have a great rapport. there's so much smiling going on
6:28 am
at the holiday table. >> honestly psychologically you're making a good point. you're not getting caught in the words. we get caught in between words that set us off. if you see through the eyes of loving whatever they are saying they are just saying i want to be part of this. i want to be part of your family. i love you. that's it. >> comes down the vibe i get. they are good people and i can tell without talking to them. >> great stuff. >> thanks guys. >> we'll be right back.
6:29 am
♪ that's him the legendary chef thomas keller. he's live in studio. he presides over a dozen restaurants including two of the world's very best. the french laundry in california's napa valueley and another one here in new york.
6:30 am
>> chef keller has prepared his favorite dish and i want may surprise you. >> ahead this half hour great music from a unique group who are youtube sensations the piano guys. >> first we want to head over to lonnie for our final check of the weather. >> we got a big storm to talk about weather wise and story is on the west coast. let's zoom in tight if we can to california. this storm has been just churning and churning since thursday. it will end up being about a four, five day event. a lot of rain for the big cities, lower elevated spots. higher elevations and we're talking snow and this is where the story lies. it could be a potential record setter. i'm talking a worldwide record. as of right now the record for the most snow out of a single event, 189 inches in six days in mount shasta. this storm mount shaftsta is forecasting 214 inches that's
6:31 am
18.1 feet of snow out of one constant snowstorm. quick look at the national picture. what a picture it is. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend. sñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñsñ let's take a quick peek at colorado springs. 64 degrees today with a pretty good looking sun of cloud. nice day and time for my shout out which goes to colorado springs, colorado where they are celebrating the very season with the annual festival of lights. there are all sorts of cultural and artistic programs performance, other festivities out there. highlighted by this evening's colorful festival lights of parade and this year's theme is home for this holidays and they are accepting donations for temple at the stocking fund
6:32 am
because every single dollar they get will be double we want to thank everybody for watching cbs "this morning saturday" only on kktv-11. make it a great day. rebecca, over to you. >> right now you're busy with your holiday plans but with the new year just one month away it's just one month away it's time to think ahead. like where to go on vacation next. cbs news travel editor peter greenberg is here with ideas both exotic and close to home places where you'll get the most bang for your buck in 2013. so, the first one, we were talking about this yesterday, tasmania. huge surprise. >> when i first went to australia, bit of history, australians want to go to tasmania, why do you want to go there? nobody goes there. that's my reason. only 150 miles off the coast of australia. one of the world's largest islands. 18 national parks. 100 miles of hiking. it's got seven different wine regions.
6:33 am
people don't realize they have great wines there. some most amazing dairies. >> hard to find a place where nobody is any more. next spot is wales. >> it gets over shoutd by their other neighbors. the nice thing about wales, lots of green space, history. they have more than 12th century castles. some are still operating. great. lots of extra space. >> both cool option but it comes to money oftentimes for people when they are making this choice. how do you do it for less and can you do it affordably. >> going the offseason. the offseason is a huge myth. the offseason started when people in new york were freezing let's go there in february in the caribbean. we live in a different world. i want to call at any time offseason that's when you go. >> when is the offseason? >> right after the first the year. right after the first the year in wales and may, june and july.
6:34 am
>> what about flights? >> tasmania is a one hour flight. very inexpensive. a lot of discounted flights because everybody is flying there. >> how about using fare watcher. >> use those websites. hitmonk. cool website that gives you different routings. >> so malaysia is another one. >> hidden gem. i'm partial to thailand. malaysia is great. the u.s. dollar 3-1 there. accessible. it's well developed. and for people that don't realize forefront of medical tourism. they have accredited world class hospitals that do cutting-edge work not to mention the after care. a heart bypass in this country starts at $50,000. there it tops out at $9,000 and these guys are trained in the united states u.n. >> you go to malaysia for your
6:35 am
heart. >> and you go to malaysia to recover. >> you included cuba. i've been there. it's a beautiful place. but there are restrictions. >> there's a number of u.s. agencies that can take you there on people to people programs. obama administration relaxes those restriction. there's not a u.s. president that ever wanted to recognize cuba in the first term because they were worried about the florida vote. mr. obama doesn't have to worry about the florida vote and a president concerned about their legacy this is part of what he wants to do recognize cuba in the most appropriate way. >> as a badger the last pick on your list does not surprise me. >> not surprising at all. i went to school in madison, wisconsin. i love this place. most people fly over it. it's surround by four lakes. best farmer's market in the united states. bar none. use it as a hub. 50 miles radius from madison, wisconsin go antiquing every single direction you want. great place. >> also a bargain. >> bargain.
6:36 am
the food has gotten so much better. when i first went to school there the definition of saute was deep fried now they are cutting-edge. >> and they have cheese kurd. >> peter greenberg thanks. >> coming up next one of the world's literal most acclaimed chefs taking on a favorite childhood dish. see how chef thomas keller does it. i'm so excited for this one and you should be too. you're watching cbs "this morning saturday."
6:37 am
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6:40 am
imagine for a chef and restauranteur including michelin three honors for his restaurant here in new york and the laundry in napa valley california. >> we're thrilled rebecca is especially thrilled in case you hadn't noticed one of the nation's preeminent chef is here this morning. chef keller has chosen a childhood favorite. grilled cheese and tomato soup. chef keller thanks for being here. >> a well pleasure. it's wonderful. and be able to share what i think so many americans consider one of their iconic memories from childhood which is that beautiful tomato soup and the grilled cheese sandwich hot off the grill. >> why did you pick this? >> because of memories. food resonates with us. >> does it resonate with you? >> and an opportunity to do it better than what you remember. that's a challenge for a chef is
6:41 am
try to make it better. >> what's your secret? >> i think there's a couple of things. number one making sure you have a high quality cheese. number two is the bread and thickness of the bread. sometimes the bread can be too thick. i like it thinner. clarified butter. and cooking it nice and slow so the cheese melts and gets that gooey texture. tomato soup what we like to use is high quality canned tomatoes because you want that consistent flavor in our tomato soup. high quality tomatoes makes a beautiful puree tomato soup. >> your a dipper? >> i am. i love to dip anything. doughnuts, potato chips. >> when i got grilled cheeses at the beach they came out of the a press. you're doing it differently. >> we do them in a saute pan. we do use a press as well.
6:42 am
we use a bacon press or you can bit at williams sonoma and give it a little bit of pressure. nice consistent crust all the way across the bread. that's really important. sometimes you can't do that unless you put pressure on top of it. >> when did you first realize you loved food? >> we all loved food when we were children. working with my mother she managed restaurants. working with my mother was a real beginning, an eye opener. i think that's when i realized i loved food. i realized i wanted to become a chef when i was working for a french chef in 1977 who became my mentor and made me realize that cooking is about nurturing people and that nurturing aspect really resonated with me. that's when i died to become a professional chef. >> you started out as a dishwasher? >> yes. dishwashing was something -- my mother put me on a milk accurate to keep me out of trouble.
6:43 am
you learn the basic skills washing dishes. you have to be organized, efficient. you have to enjoy repetition. rituals are important. you're part of a team. all of those skills are also what you have to be as a really good cook. so, i think dishwashing for me was great training to become a good cook which obviously that's where i am today. >> you mastered the business side it. who helped you with that? >> well that's a whole lot of people. i think that you month to do anything well, you have to understand you have to be focused on what your skill sets are and understand what you don't know and gather those individuals around you who know what you don't know. >> would you admit your strengths and weaknesses. >> i am a good cook. i don't know how to run a dining room or a lot about keeping the books. >> you're not a baker, pastry chef but obviously you said baking is a unifying force.
6:44 am
>> it is. when you think about the aromas if you're near a bakery baking bread or cookies. it's unifying chocolate chip cookie resonates with a 5-year-old as well as the parents and >> who would you like to share this meal with? >> any of my superheroes. >> we'll have you sign the dish. and i don't know if you have -- you brought your own. you came prepared. >> i came prepared. >> i love that. chef it was a pleasure. thank you so much. really appreciate it. >> for more on chef thomas keller and the dish head to our website
6:45 am >> up next the piano guys are huge hits on youtube and this morning they are playing for us in our second cup cafe. you don't want to miss it. you're watching cbs "this morning saturday." ♪
6:46 am
6:47 am
6:48 am
♪ they are internet sensations with self manmade music videos that have drawn nearly 200 million views on tube. five dads with their own unique to music would call themselves the piano guys. >> they are out with a new self-titled cd. we're glad to welcome the piano guys to second cup cafe. good morning to all of you. >> thanks for having us on the
6:49 am
show. >> thrilled to have you. >> first of all, only one of you plays the piano. >> this guy. this is the main pi anno guy. >> how did you come up with the name? >> it's a long story. it started with a little piano store and our paths crossed and here we are today. >> how did you come up with the concept of making the videos and the style in which you play. >> it really was such a natural flow. all of us came together from five different walks of life and it's a sound that came from us sitting together. >> who started reaching inside the pi anno? >> that unfortunately was during a meeting we weren't there. it grew out of something spontaneously. >> we're looking forward to this. with their unique interpretation of "what makes you beautiful," the piano guys.
6:50 am
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these are ocean spray sparkling juice drinks. they have bubbles. it's real fruit juice; crisp, sparkling water; and no added sugar. and they come in these really cool cans. you want one? i'll wait a bit. all right. mm. refreshing. ♪ now here's norah o'donnell with a look at what's happening monday on cbs "this morning." >> good morning. on monday a secret message sent by carrier pigeon during world war ii is lost for 70 years.
6:56 am
we'll show you what they are doing to decode it. plus an effort to rebrand a classic american car lincoln's new ride when we see you on monday at 7:00 on cbs "this morning." >> next week on cbs "this morning saturday" the hottest toys of the holiday season turns out what was old is new again. >> that's me. sorry. have a great weekend, everybody. take care. >> have a cookie. enjoy. you want a nutter butter. chef thomas keller is asking where the nutter butters are. is that your favorite. >> it's hard to say what your favorite is. one day it could be the chocolate chips, next day is tkos. again it was about those
6:57 am
reference points you have when you're a child and trying to do something better. >> it's scary when you make something from your childhood even better because then you want to have the whole bag. >> maybe the ho-ho is leaving the face of the earth. you're upgading. >> i hope somebody saves host yes, sir for us. >> we were having an interesting conversation after the segment, you're a mentor to many young chefs. i was saying what's unique about the chefs now and you said. >> i was talking about the ability to share, the desire to share. when i was growing up as a young cook there were these secrets in the kitchen and you were told how to do something and not why. that's the important thing we can do today. what we do today is tell our team why we do things. whether it's a philosophical approach. it's very important to share. not just within your kitchen but within our profession. that's something that's changed.
6:58 am
>> great philosophy and one i wish more people would spread. >> we have to. next generation is very important for any profession to make sure they are better than the previous ones. >> thanks so much for being with us. thank you for being with us. have a great weekend, everybody.
6:59 am
russian river to the santa cruz mountains - cities are bracing storm another round of wet weather this weekend in the bay area from the russian river to the santa cruz mountains. cities are bracing for more rain, wind and storm damage. >> as we look at the latest on the doppler it shows a lot of light rain coming over the bay


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